CucCAP Project objectives and updates | 2020 – 2024

The second CucCAP project (CucCAP 2: Harnessing Genomic Resources for Disease Resistance and Management in Cucurbit Crops– Bringing the tools to the Field) expands on the nation-wide, interdisciplinary collaborations established in the first CucCAP project (CucCAP – Developing Genomic Resources for the Cucurbit Community)  bringing together bioinformaticians, genomicists, geneticists, breeders, plant pathologists, and economists, to provide genomic tools for public and private breeders to accelerate breeding for disease resistance in cucurbit crops, and develop and provide readily accessible disease control information, disease management strategies, and estimates of economic net returns for cucurbit producers.

Visit the USDA website to view the Grant proposal and annual CRIS reports for the CucCAP 2 project.

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