Project Partners

Key stakeholders for the CucCAP project are: cucurbit growers, shippers and processors; seed companies that develop cucurbit cultivars; and the scientific community that develops new knowledge that will lead to improved cultivars.
We are appreciative of the support and advice provided by the CucCAP Stakeholder Advisory Board which includes industry representatives from each of the four cucurbit commodity groups and breeders and scientists from several seed companies with major cucurbit breeding programs.

Stakeholder Advisory Board

Commodity Group Representatives

Seed Industry

Cucurbit Crop Curators

  • Robert Jarret –  Citrullus spp.
    USDA-ARS, Plant Genetic Resources Conservation Unit, 1109 Experiment Station, Griffin GA 30223
  • Kathy Reitsma – Cucumis (C. melo and C. sativus)
    USDA-ARS, North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station
    Iowa State University, Ames IA 50011
  • Rebecca Povilus – Cucurbita spp.
    USDA – ARS, Plant Genetic Resources Unit, Geneva, NY 14456

External Evaluators

  • Phillip McClean
    Director of the Genomics and Bioinformatics Program at North Dakota State University
    Department of Plant Sciences, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58105
  • Antonio Monforte
    Research Scientist, Department of Biotechnology and Plant Breeding
    Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants, Valencia, Spain
  • Allen Van Deynze
    Director of Research at the UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center
    Department of Plant Sciences
    Plant Reproductive Biology Extension Center Drive, Davis, CA 95616