Cucurbit Disease management

An objective of the CucCAP grant is to perform multi-location, multi-isolate trials to improve integrated disease management, assess economic impacts, and provide state-of-the art disease control recommendations.

Integrated disease management team

Members of the CucCAP integrated disease management team are extension and research scientists who specialize in agricultural economics, vegetable pathology, and vegetable production. Team members provide cucurbit disease management strategies to stake holders via extension venues including field days, commodity meetings, workshops, and this centralized cucurbit disease website with content in both English and Spanish. The integrated disease management team publishes results of their research in refereed journal publications and books.

Vegetable Pathology Programs

Cucurbit crop production and production efficiency

  • Jonathan Schultheis, Commercial Vegetable Extension Specialist, North Carolina State University
  • Daniel Tregeagle, Agricultural and Resource Economics Extension Specialist, North Carolina State University
    Current work includes estimating the value of improved disease resistance for curcurbit crops and preparing specialty crop budgets.

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