CucCAP Scientists present 2024 update

CucCAP team and stakeholders

The CucCAP Principal Investigators, lab group members, and industry collaborators

The CucCAP cucumber, melon, squash, and watermelon breeding and genomics teams presented recent progress on the development of genomic tools and cucurbit breeding for disease resistance to CucCAP project stakeholders including the Stakeholder Advisory BoardCucurbit Crop Curators, and External Evaluators.

The integrated disease management team presented results of field trials testing the disease resistance of cucurbit crops, updates on the CucCAP website, and economic analysis of disease resistance in cucurbit crops. The crop breeding and disease management teams conducted several planning sessions during the two day meeting.

The meeting was hosted by CucCAP Scientists Bill Wintermantel and Jim McCreight at at the USDA-ARS Crop Improvement and Protection Research Center in Salinas California.

USDA-ARS Crop Improvement Research Center

Sam Farr United States Crop Improvement and Protection Research Center in Salinas California