Management Strategies of Phytophthora Blight in Cucurbits

Extensive research has been conducted over the last 100 years to determine the effects of environmental variables including soil factors, irrigation, host plant resistance, and fungicide application on the biology and management of Phytophthora capsici.

A project titled, Multi-barrier Management Strategies of Phytophthora blight in Peppers and Cucurbits, conducted at the New Mexico State University College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences is featured in a website with videos, disease management information, and a photo gallery.

For Further Reading:

Phytophthora capsici, 100 years later: research mile markers from 1922 to 2022.
by: Soum Sanogo, Kurt Lamour, Chandrasekar S. Kousik, Dennis N. Lozada, Camilo H. Parada-Rojas, Lina M. Quesada-Ocampo, Christian A. Wyenandt, Mohammad Babadoost, Mary K. Hausbeck, Zachariah Hansen, Emran Ali, Margaret T. McGrath, Jiahuai Hu, Kevin Crosby, and Sally A. Miller
Published Online: Aug 3, 2023 by The American Phytopathological Society (APS) DOI: 10.1094/PHYTO-08-22-0297-RVW