Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative #47 | call for papers

As Summer 2023 comes to an end and members of the Cucurbit Community move on to Autumn activities, the editors of the Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative (CGC) report encourage researchers and plant scientists to submit manuscripts or reports to CGC. Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative reports can include any interesting observations from a researcher’s region, descriptions of new techniques, new or novel germplasm, or any information that could be of use or interest to the cucurbit genetics and related research communities. Before submitting a report, please check the Author Guidelines on the CGC website. To submit a CGC report, authors should send an email with an attached manuscript to the CGC editor,  Amnon Levi, at the USDA-ARS on or before February 15th, 2024.

2023 CGC report classically illustrated report cover page


Former CucCAP plant breeder and CGC associate editor Linda Wessel Beaver recently finalized editing the 2023 Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report #46. This report is available as a downloadable PDF. The CGC website is a portal to Cucurbit reports and Gene Lists from the previous 45 years.  Additional vegetable crop reports from earlier years dating back to 1958 are also available on the website. The CGC committee is always seeking new associate editors to continue providing these reports in the future. Members of the Cucurbit Community who are interested in joining the CGC coordinating committee are encouraged to contact Amnon Levi.

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