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The Vegetable Beet podcast: Hold onto your oomycetes!

Mary Hausbeck

Michigan State University Plant Pathologist Mary Hausbeck

The vegetable beet podcast is a weekly discussion from Great Lakes Vegetable Producers Network focused on vegetable production challenges and opportunities. CucCAP plant pathologist, Mary Hausbeck joined the July 28, 2021 podcast to talk about a group of pathogens called oomycetes, also known as water molds. These include downy mildews on foliage, and the complex of Phytophthora, and Pythium rots on roots and fruits.

“What makes them different and more challenging than regular ol’ fungus and bacteria? With loads of experience and research on these pathogens, Mary will have you saying “ooooo!-mycetes” and “oh!-mycetes” instead of the profanity you might otherwise use.”

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