USDA Project Summary for the second CucCAP grant

CUCCAP 2: HARNESSING GENOMIC RESOURCES FOR DISEASE RESISTANCE AND MANAGEMENT IN CUCURBIT CROPS – BRINGING THE TOOLS TO THE FIELD is a grant funded by USDA-SCRI. The goals of the project are to:  Develop novel advanced bioinformatic, pan-genome, and genetic mapping tools for cucurbits;  Utilize genomic approaches to identify, map, and develop markers for resistances to priority diseases identified by cucurbit industries; Introduce and pyramid resistances into advanced breeding lines; and Perform multi-location, multi-isolate trials of resistances to improve integrated disease management and assess economic impacts. The project start date is Sep 1, 2020 and the project end date is August 31, 2024.

View the project information on the USDA website.