August 19, 2020 Vegetable Production Updates | MSU Extension

Southwest Michigan vegetable update

Downy mildew is still making its way around the area and has found smaller, isolated cucumber plantings and backyard gardens. Powdery mildew is also quite prevalent in pumpkin and squash fields that have not received any control measures.

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East Michigan vegetable update

Cucumber harvest continues. Some samples were sent to the lab with squash mosaic virus (SqMV). This virus is transferred by cucumber beetles. Another sample came in with tobacco ringspot virus (TRSV).

Pumpkins and most winter squashes are being harvested. Some farms are seeing plants dying down from defoliation and wilting. The causes seem varied, from Septoria leaf spot, Fusarium wilt, Phytophthora wilt, and more.

Summer squash and zucchini are still going strong on some farms but are experiencing more disease pressure and looking sad.

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Southeast Michigan vegetable update

Pumpkins and winter squash are reaching the end of their lives and foliage is dying back in some fields. Powdery mildew is hastening this process in some spots. Harvest and storage will keep the fruit from getting sunburned and decaying.

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West central Michigan vegetable update

Cucurbit downy mildew has now been confirmed in 14 counties. MSU plant pathologist Mary Hausbeck recommends that all cucumber, pickle and melon growers be on a rotation of Orondis Opti, Ranman and Zampro on a seven-day schedule where protection is desired.

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