August 2020 Michigan Vegetable Updates | MSU Extension

East Michigan vegetable update – Aug. 12, 2020

Cucumber harvest has stopped on some farms and plants have been pulled. Since downy mildew has become such a regular and expensive disease to control, some farms have just stopped growing later cucumber crops.

Melon and watermelon picking has been strong.

Pumpkins and most winter squashes are looking very healthy on most farms, with a strong fruit set.

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Southeast Michigan vegetable update – Aug. 5, 2020

Heat has pumpkins and winter squash starting to change colors. Powdery mildew is picking up. Squash bug pressure is variable.

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East Michigan vegetable regional report – Aug. 5, 2020

Pumpkins and most winter squashes are just setting fruit. Powdery mildew pressure seems low this year. Soon after fruit set, plants become very susceptible to it.

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West central Michigan vegetable update – Aug. 5, 2020

Cucurbit downy mildew has now been confirmed in 13 counties, including Allegan and Muskegon counties.

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Southwest Michigan vegetable update – Aug. 5, 2020

Heavy dews have been conducive for powdery mildew development on cucurbits and downy mildew continues to be a problem, especially after the cool, wet, windy conditions experienced over the weekend.

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