CucCAP scientists uncover the genetic basis of unique horticultural traits in the multi-disease resistant cucumber germplasm line WI2757

The legendary cucumber inbred line WI2757 released in 1982 by USDA-ARS-Madison possesses a rare combination of resistances against nine pathogens. WI2757 has been an important source of disease resistances for cucumber breeding worldwide. However, WI2757 has some drawbacks such as later flowering, and poor growth under field conditions. The genetic basis for these traits is not known. Researchers in Dr. Yiqun Weng’s lab at USDA-ARS/University of Wisconsin Madison recently conducted molecular mapping using populations involving WI2757, and uncovered a large paracentric inversion of about 10 megabases in length on cucumber chromosome 1 of WI2757. They found that inversion region harbors genes or quantitative trait loci for fruit length, diameter, fruit shape, fruit number, and flowering time. This novel finding may help more efficient use of WI2757. View the Agricultural Research Service press release regarding the discovery of these traits. View the results from this study in the journal, Theoretical and Applied Genetics.

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Published: April 18, 2020

DOI: 10.1007/s00122-020-03596-y