CucCAP scientists provide inventory of genes and QTL for cucumber breeding and genetics community

In recent years, significant progress has been made in molecular mapping and identification of genes and QTL responsible for key phenotypic traits.  CucCAP scientists and collaborators led by Drs. Yuhui Wang and Yupeng Pan from Dr. Yiqun Weng’s lab at the University of Wisconsin at Madison provide an extensive review of the literature to systematically document genes for simply inherited traits, QTL for 130 quantitative traits, and develop recommendations for QTL nomenclature in cucumber.  This work should serve as a useful resource for the cucurbit research community providing benchmarks for future work to inventory cucumber mutants, cloned or mapped genes, and QTL. In a separate study, Wang et al. conducted comparative analysis on the genetic basis of fruit size and shape variation among cucumber, melon and watermelon, and revealed both conserved and unique genetic architecture of fruit size/shape variation among cucurbit crops. Results from these studies were recently published in the journals of Horticulture Research and Theoretical and Applied Genetics, respectively.

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