Final cucurbit disease forecasts for the 2019 growing season

MELCAST is a system whereby melon growers can determine the best time to apply fungicides. The MELCAST system uses scientific and localized weather data to determine when fungicide applications are best made.

The final MELCAST Update of the 2019 season was on August 27. Look for new updates in May 2020.

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The Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecast Homepage announced that forecasts were ending on Friday, November 1 for the 2019 growing season. Final outbreaks of Downy mildew for the year included:

  • On 10-22 outbreak in East Feliciana County LA on jack-o-lantern type Pumpkin
  • On 10-17 an outbreak in Hendry County FL on Watermelon
  • On 10-14 an outbreak in Hillsborough County FL on Cantaloupe and Cucumber
  • On 10-14 an outbreak in Escambia County AL on Acorn squash, Yellow/Summer squash, Butternut squash, and Cucumber
  • On 10-07 an outbreak in Elmore County AL onCucumber
  • On 09-29 an outbreak in Chilton County AL on Cucumber

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