New Release from the Cucurbit Genomics database

SNPs called from GBS data of Cucurbita accessions, including C. pepo, C. maxima and C. moschata are made publicly available prior to publication under a data release policy. Please Read the following Cucurbit HapMap data release policy before accessing the pre-Publication Cucurbit HapMap Data.

Cucurbit HapMap Data Release Policy

The CucCAP team ( is pleased to make available the pre-publication HapMap data of cucurbit crops including melon and Cucurbita species, C. pepo, C. maxima and C. moschata, for use by public and private research communities as a resource to facilitate plant biology discoveries and plant breeding programs. The HapMap SNPs were derived from the genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) data of thousands of cucurbit accessions in the USDA Agriculture Research Service National Plant Germplasm System.

This pre-publication Cucurbit HapMap data is made available with the understanding that users will respect the rights of those who contributed to this effort to describe the HapMap data in peer-reviewed publications. By accessing these data, users agree not to publish any articles containing analyses of the HapMap data on a whole genome scale prior to publication of the data by the CucCAP team. The restricted analyses include the population genomics and diversity studies, and genome-wide association studies or mapping of specific diseases that are described in the CucCAP website. Studies of any type on the reserved analyses that are not in direct competition with those planned by the CucCAP team may be undertaken following an agreement. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Dr. Zhangjun Fei ( to discuss such possibilities. The data may be freely downloaded and used by all who respect the restrictions described above. Any use of the CucCAP HapMap data prior to its publication should credit “The CucCAP project (”. Once moved to publication status, the cucurbit HapMap data are freely available for any subsequent use.

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