CucCAP team presentations at Cucurbitaceae 2018

CucCAP plant breeders, pathologists and genomic scientists will present results of their work with cucurbit breeding lines and disease resistance at Cucurbitaceae 2018.

On Wednesday, November 14, Rebecca Grumet will be the keynote speaker in the first genomics session with the presentation, The CucCAP Project: Genomic Tools and Resources to Facilitate Breeding for Disease Resistance in Cucurbits and Zhangjun Fei will speak about the Cucurbit Genomics Database. Later in the day, members of the CucCAP group will present The USDA Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Collection: Genetic Diversity, Population Structure, Genome-Wide Association Studies and Core Collection Development in the second genomics session. The Melon Powdery Mildew meeting will be on Wednesday evening.

The breeding and genetics session is chaired by Amnon Levi on Thursday, November 15. Zhangjun Fei and co-authors present Genomics-Assisted Molecular Breeding in Watermelon. Sandra Branham is a Keynote Speaker. She presents Genomics-enabled Genetic Mapping and Marker Development of Disease Resistance Loci in Melon and Watermelon with Amnon Levi, Zhangjun Fei, and W. Patrick Wechter. Cecilia McGregor is also presenting breeding work in this session.

In the Breeding for Resistance session which is chaired by Todd Wehner, Luis Rivera-Burgos is the keynote speaker as he presents Improving Gummy Stem Blight Resistance and Fruit Quality in Watermelon Germplasm with Todd Wehner followed by A Loss-of-susceptibility Mutation in the STAYGREEN Gene (CsSGR) Provides Durable, Broad-spectrum Disease Resistances for US Cucumber Production with Todd Wehner and Yuqun Weng among the presenters. At the end of this morning session, Chandrasekar Kousik presents Genetics of Resistance to Powdery Mildew in Watermelon Line USVL608-PMR.

William Wintermantel chairs the Biotic stress session on the afternoon of Thursday, November 15.  Kai-Shu Ling, Amnon Levi and fellow researchers present Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus: Seed Transmissibility, Seed Health Assays and Screening Watermelon Germplasm for Disease Resistance. Next, Ben Mansfeld and Rebecca Grumet present Inhibitory Effects of Cucumber Age-related Resistance to Phytophthora capsici Manifest Within 24 Hours of Inoculation.

On Tuesday evening, Nov. 13, Cecilia McGregor, James D. McCreight, W. Patrick Wechter, William M. Wintermantel, and co-authors will present Biotic Stress posters:

  • Cucurbit Rootstocks Resistant to Fusarium Wilt of Watermelon Retain Resistance When Co-Infected by Southern Root-Knot Nematode
  • Cucurbit chlorotic yellows virus , a New Crinivirus Infecting Cucurbits in California
  • Detection of the Gummy Stem Blight-Causing Pathogens (Stagonosporopsis spp.) in Watermelon, Using Three Species-Specific LAMP  Assays
  • Cucurbit Powdery Mildew Population Virulence Variation – A Complex View from a Global Perspective

CucCAP researchers Umesh Reddy, Luis Rivera-Burgos, Zgangjun Fei, Todd Wehner, Shaker Kousik, W. Patrick Wechter, Sandra Branham, Kai-shu Ling, Cecilia McGregor, Amnon Levi, Michael Mazourek, Christine Smart, Yiqun Weng, and Shaker Kousik participated in the Breeding and Genetics poster session:

  • Introgression Mapping of Wild Species-Derived Resistance to Viruses in Cucurbita
  • Genome-Wide Diversity for Worldwide Watermelon Collections: Analysis of Population Structure, Haplotype Networks, Selective Sweeps and LD Decay to Characterize Domestication Signals
  • Next-Generation Sequencing Bulk Segregant Analysis Reveals Multiple Loci Involved in Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot in Squash and Pumpkin
  • QTL Mapping of Angular Leaf Spot Resistance in Cucumber
  • QTL Mapping of Resistance to Powdery Mildew in Cucumis melo MR-1 Using a Recombinant Inbred Line Population
  • Genome-Wide Association Studies of Important Agronomic Traits in Watermelon

In the Breeding for Resistance poster session, Kai-Shu Ling, Zhangjun Fei, Todd Wehner, Rebecca Grumet, Linda Wessel-Beaver, Angela Linares-Ramírez , Sandra Branham, Amnon Levi, W. Patrick Wechter, Jennifer Ikerd, Chandrasekar Kousik , Ben Mansfeld, Rebecca Grumet and their co-authors will present:

  • Resequencing of Bottle Gourd Germplasm and Using QTL-seq to Fine- Map PRSV-W Resistance in Bottle gourd ( Lagenaria sinceraria )
  • North Carolina State Cucumber Lines Developed for Downy Mildew Resistance
  • QTL-Seq of Young Fruit Resistance to Phytophthora capsici in Cucumber
  • Effect of Two Potyviruses on Development and Yield of Tropical Pumpkin
  • Identification of New Resistance Sources in Watermelon for Anthracnose Race 2
  • Disease Assessment in Seedlings of Tropical Pumpkin Infected with PRSV and ZYMV
  • Novel Source of Resistance to Fusarium Wilt Race 1 Identified in Citron Melon
  • Relative Susceptibility of Commercial Watermelon Varieties to Powdery Mildew and Phytophthora Fruit Rot
  • New Sources of Resistance to Phytophthora Crown and Root Rot in Cucurbita moschata
  • Role of Antioxidant Molecule Melatonin in Plant-Host Resistance and Pathogen Suppression in Cucurbits
  • Development of a Real-Time Fluorescence-Based Microplate Assay for Pathogen Growth on Plant Tissue:  Phytophthora capsici Infection of Cucumber  Fruit
Michael Mazourek, James D. McCreight, and William M. Wintermantel will present in the Genetic Resources poster session:
  • Reactions of Cornell Melon Breeding Lines to Cucumber mosaic virus and Their Horticultural Qualities

In the Genomics poster session, Umesh Reddy will be presenting:

  • Metagenomic and Metatranscriptomic Analyses of Diverse Watermelon Cultivars Reveal the Role of Fruit Associated Microbiome in Carbohydrate Metabolism and Ripening of Matured Fruits

Jonathan Schultheis and co-presenters  present in the Production and Quality poster session:

  • Tissue Firmness and Hollow Heart Development in 2012, 2013 and 2014 Triploid Watermelon Variety Trials

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