CucCAP researchers develop high-density map and identify QTL for resistance to Fusarium in melon

CucCAP researchers at the U.S. Vegetable Laboratory in Charleston, SC including USDA-ARS scientists Sandra Branham, Amnon Levi, Melanie Katawczik and Pat Wechter collaborated with Zhangjun Fei from the Boyce Thompson Institute in Ithaca, NY to generate the highest density genetic map to date for melon.  Genotype-by-sequencing of 172 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) derived from a cross between the multi-disease resistant inbred line MR-1 and the highly susceptible Israeli cultivar Ananas Yok’neam were used to develop the map.  The map was validated for utility by mapping of a major QTL co-located with a the gene conferring resistance to the Fusarium wilt race 1 pathogen.  This group is also leading an effort to identify and map resistance to Fusarium wilt race 1 and 2 in a wild watermelon, commonly called citron melon.

  • A poster was presented in January 2018 at PAGXXVII.
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  • An abstract was published on April 13, 2018 on the NCBI website.
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