Meet the CucCAP1 Project Team

group photo of the CucCAP project researchers

The CucCAP Team

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Project Director

CucCAP Project Teams

Team Members – Alphabetical Listing

CucCAP Teams

CucCAP Cucumber Team

  • Yiqun Weng (Team Leader) – USDA-ARS , University of Wisconsin
  • Rebecca Grumet – Michigan State University
  • Mary Hausbeck – Michigan State University
  • Todd Wehner – North Carolina State University

CucCAP Melon Team

CucCAP Squash Team

CucCAP Watermelon Team

CucCAP Genomics & Bioinformatics Team

CucCAP Socioeconomics Team

  • Marco Palma (Team Leader) – Texas A&M University
  • Luis Ribera – Texas A&M University

CucCAP Extension and Outreach Team