South Florida Pest and Disease Hotline | March 2024

Cucurbit disease updates

In Southwest Florida:

  • Whitefly populations are moderate to very high in watermelon, cucumbers, and other vegetables.
  • Scouts report Watermelon Crinkle Leaf Associated Virus 1 (WCLaV-1) has been identified in some fields.
  • Low levels of Cucurbit Leaf Crumple Virus (CuLCrV) and mosaic virus have also been reported on watermelon.
  • In squash, very low to low virus incidence was reported.
  • Anthracnose (Collectotrichum) has been reported in watermelon plants submitted to Southwest Florida Research & Education Center.
  • In watermelons, the incidence of powdery mildew of cucurbits (Podosphaera xanthii) is reported to be low.
  • In squash, reports indicate moderate levels of powdery mildew, with greater incidence and severity in older plantings.

In Homestead:

  • Powdery mildew is present in cucurbits throughout most of the area.

In Central Florida:

  • Reports indicate older squash plantings have moderate to high populations of whitefly, with younger squash having low populations.

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