Cucurbit Genomics Database version 2


Visit version 2 of the Cucurbit genomics database.

Version 2 of the Cucurbit Genomics database (CuGenDBv2) was released by the Fei lab at BTI in April 2022. Database users will notice improved speed and performance. The updated database includes 33 reference genomes from 26 cucurbit species/subspecies belonging to 10 different genera; novel functions for mining and analysis of large-scale variant data; and a comprehensive cucurbit expression atlas.

View the Version 2 Release Note

Recent Database updates

    • September 2022: The synteny tool has been reimplemented to improve the overall database performance. Links to synteny information of each specific gene is now provided in the gene overview page.
    • August 2022: To improve the readability, gene IDs for six genomes have been changed.
    • June 2022: The “Genotype”module was developed in CuGenDBv2. This module allows users to extract, analyze and download large-scale variant data.

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