CucCAP scientists use genomic approaches to facilitate breeding for PRSV-W resistance in squash

Papaya ringspot virus-W (PRSV-W) is a potyvirus vectored by aphids that causes severe yield losses in squash production.  Resistance to PRSV-W in the ‘Nigerian Local’ accession of Cucurbita moschata is controlled by at least one recessive gene and other potential genetic modifiers. Deployment of marker-assisted selection can accelerate transfer of the resistance into elite cultivars, but this tool is limited by lack of QTL and marker information.  Whole genome re-sequencing and bulk segregant analysis by the Meru laboratory (Univ Florida) identified a single QTL for resistance on Chromosome 09 of the C. moschata genome.  Subsequent testing identified two SNP markers as potential targets for marker-assisted selection. The findings of this study will facilitate breeding for resistance against PRSV-W in commercial squash cultivars. 

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