CucCAP Bioinformatics team releases version 2 of Cucurbit Genomics Database

Release note (April, 2022)

Version 2 of Cucurbit Genomics Database (CuGenDBv2) includes the latest versions of 33 cucurbit genome assemblies. The list of these genome assemblies is provided here:

  • Protein-coding genes of the 33 cucurbit genomes were functionally annotated.
  • Pathways were predicted for each of the 33 cucurbit genomes.
  • RNA-Seq raw reads were downloaded from NCBI SRA and processed to derive gene expression values for each gene in the database. Here is an example (cucumber Chinese Long gene CsaV3_4G023380)
  • Synteny blocks were identified between and within the 33 cucurbit genomes.

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