2021 CucCAP Melon Team Publications and Presentations

Melon – Breeding, Genetics, Genomics, Pathology Publications

Melon – Breeding, Genetics, Genomics, Pathology & Disease Management Presentations

  • Clade and mating type distribution and population structure of Pseudoperonsopra cubensis on Cucumis melo in the eastern United States.
    by S.M. Toporek and A. P. Keinath.
    Health 2021, American Phytopathological Society. Virtual. 2021.
  • Grafting to manage downy mildew on cantaloupe.
    by S. M. Toporek and A.P. Keinath. CREC Field Day in-field presentation. June 2021.
  • Melon cultigens and their adaptation in the southeastern United States when grown in North Carolina
    by J. Schultheis, and K. Starke.