Florida cucurbit pest and disease reports

The January South Florida Pest and disease hotline reported that Whitefly pressure is increasing around South West Florida and is high in squash and cucumbers. Whitefly pressure continues to range from low to moderate in Homestead depending on the location and crop. Whiteflies can transmit cucurbit leaf crumple virus and cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus.

In Southwest Florida, cucurbit downy mildew and powdery mildew are active in squash and cucumbers. Incidence and severity remain low to moderate. On the East Coast of Florida, reports indicate that cucumber downy mildew has remained consistent over last couple weeks. Powdery mildew continues to be present in various crops.

Other pests reported by growers across the state include melonworms and other caterpillars depending on the crop and location. In the Homestead area, melonworms remain active in squash, cucumber, and oriental cucurbits. Fall and southern armyworm are also present.

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