Vegetable Pathologist Post Doc position at Cornell

The Smart Lab at Cornell School of Integrative Plant Science seeks a Post-Doctoral Associate to study oomycete pathogens of vegetables including Phytophthora capsici.

Applications are sought for a post-doctoral research position studying oomycete pathogens of vegetables including Phytophthora capsici. Oomycete pathogens cause significant yield loss to vegetable growers and can be limiting factors to production in New York. This project has the goal of furthering our understanding of pathogen biology, epidemiology and genomics, working closely with breeders to identify host resistance as well as pathogen effectors.

The position entails working with colleagues across the US to isolate and characterize pathogen populations, including genome-wide association studies. This information will be used to identify effective disease management strategies for growers in New York. Research will involve laboratory, greenhouse and field experiments, molecular and bioinformatic sills necessary for population studies, data collection including disease assessment of research trials, and data analyses. The goal of the project is to increase our understanding of the population biology of P. capsici, genome-wide studies to identify fungicide resistance markers and effectors. This is a team-oriented project and interest in working across disciplines including plant pathology, plant breeding and horticulture is critical. The successful candidate will work primarily with Dr. Christine Smart and will take a lead role in design, implementation, and data analysis for the project.

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