Early Career Scientist Spotlight | Matthew Uebbing

portrait of Matthew Uebbing

MSU Master candidate, Matthew Uebbing

What is your hometown?

Hudsonville, Michigan

What is your favorite crop?

Any fruit or vegetable crop.

What is the focus of your work?

plant pathology

What is the name of your institution and academic department or section? 

Michigan State University, Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences

What is your position? What type of degree program are you enrolled in?

Graduate Student – Masters candidate

Who is your major professor and who are members of your committee?

My major professor is Dr. Mary Hausbeck. My committee members are Dr. Tim Miles and Dr. Zachary Hayden.

Introduce yourself—your background, where you are now, and your current research focus.

I graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Crop and Soil Science from Michigan State University and am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Plant Pathology focusing on downy mildew in pickling cucumber.

Why did you choose to work with Cucurbits and plant pathology?

I enjoy learning about the diverse array of crops (and crop diseases) we have in Michigan including cucurbits.

What do you hope to accomplish during your time working on the CucCAP grant, and what do you most look forward to in this position?

I hope to provide insights to help growers manage curcurbit downy mildew. This is what I’m most looking forward to.

Please provide a brief description of your research.

Evaluating fungicide sensitivity of Pseudoperonospora cubensis to single fungicide products and efficacy of forecasters in controlling CDM. Also, spore trapping of P. cubensis using impaction spore traps.