Downy mildew confirmed in Michigan | MSU Extension

Downy mildew confirmed on cucumbers in four Michigan counties

CucCAP vegetable pathologist, Mary Hausbeck recommended that cucumber growers take agressive action due to recent humid conditions and presence of cucurbit downy mildew spores.

“The downy mildew pathogen has had the upper hand in recent weeks with the overcast and humid weather that our production regions have experienced. With humid and overcast weather conditions likely today (July 23) and tomorrow over parts of Michigan, the risk of significant pathogen spread and crop infection greatly increases. While the first pickling cucumber crop of 2021 has been harvested with little disease issue, the subsequent pickle crops are going to be a challenge given the amount of downy mildew that has been reported in the state during the last few days.”

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disease symptoms on leaf

Downy mildew symptoms on cucumber. Photo by Mary Hausbeck, MSU.