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Clemson Extension Provides Timely Information in South Carolina

Weekly Field Update 7-19-21

Clemson Extension agents provide updates in the The South Carolina Grower this week about the status of various crops being produced throughout the state.

CucCAP vegetable pathologist, Dr. Tony Keinath discusses fungicide stewardship:

“Growers who are applying newer fungicides that are pre-mixes of two active ingredients do not need to add another fungicide to the tank mix. Pre-mixes can easily be identified by the two FRAC Codes on the label in the top right corner.”

disease symptoms on leaves

Disease development like this anthracnose of watermelon is still being favored by the weather. Photo from Justin Ballew

Cooperative extension agents from the Pee Dee region report that growers are still fighting cucurbit downy mildew (CDM) on cucumbers.

“I also found a rare disease called foot rot of squash in the upstate. It was identified by Dr. Tony Keinath. Rotation is very important with all of our vegetable crops.” Andy Rollins

disease symptom on squash vine

Fusarium foot rot of squash. Photo from Andy Rollins.

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