The CucCAP Bioinformatics team

The CucCAP bioinformatics team in collaboration with international scientists, developed the Cucurbit Genomics Database (CuGenDB) making universally accessible all available cucurbit genome sequences, sequence annotation and transcriptome profiles, as well as the CucCAP GBS data characterizing the full U.S. National Plant Germplasm System collections for cucumber, melon, watermelon, and squash (1000-2000 accessions/crop). The CucCAP Bioinformatics team is led by BTI plant genomics scientist Zhangjun Fei. Team members include Shan Wu who is working to integrate the watermelon pan genome and Jingyin Yu who is redesigning the data base. The last database update took place in 2019.  Since then, database technology has improved. In the past, the genome database took over a month to update. Using new technology, the database may take as little as one day to update. Improvements in the genomics database will make assembling a genome less time consuming. 

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