The CucCAP Extension Team evaluates Pumpkin Varieties

The Schultheis Vegetable Production Lab in the Department of Horticultural Science at NC State University cooperates with extension researchers to evaluate pumpkin cultivars for yield and quality. Seed company representatives joined the Extension researchers in the field for the early September pumpkin harvest. In addition to yield and size, the pumpkins were rated for signs of powdery mildew symptoms. Postharvest scientists evaluated pumpkins in storage for quality (decay, stem retention, rind color change, weight loss) relative to sprays with copper sulfate and 0.9% sodium hypochlorite.

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balance next to pumpkin plots

The pumpkin cultigens included in this study were evaluated for yield and size. Each entry was also rated for shape, color, suturing, vine habit, handle characteristics, fruit size  and powdery mildew symptoms.