CucCAP Pathologists Provide Growers with Tools for Cucurbit Disease Management

CucCAP Vegetable Pathologists provide cucurbit producers with techniques for cucurbit disease management and connect growers with research seeking new solutions for cucurbit diseases. The extension team is a network of University Extension specialists, members of their labs and Extension Agents who work with growers from across each state.

Extension Agent Training

When cucurbit crops are threatened by pathogens such as Downy mildew or Gummy Stem Blight, time is of the essence for disease control. During a disease outbreak, the growers initial contact with their County Agricultural Extension Agent is often followed up with submissions to the plant disease clinic at each Land Grant University and consultations with the Vegetable pathology Extension specialist. In July, the Vegetable Pathology Lab at NC State conducted vegetable disease identification workshops for county extension agents in both the lab and field.

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Vegetable Extension Updates

The University Vegetable Pathology Lab teams up with Extension Agents from across the state to publish bimonthly vegetable updates throughout the growing season. Check out the updates from Vegetable Extension in Michigan from the Summer of 2019.

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