July 24 Michigan Vegetable updates | MSU Extension Vegetables

West central Michigan vegetable update

Cucurbit downy mildew has not been reported in Michigan yet or in the Midwest, but spores were captured back in June. After that initial capture in Allegan County on June 28, no spores were captured through July 15.

Powdery mildew was present at one hoophouse I visited, and pumpkin and squash growers have been protecting their crops with regular sprays. If you have not started already, it is time to protect cucurbits from powdery mildew with products that target this pathogen.

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Southwest Michigan vegetable update

I have not heard any reports or seen any cucurbit downy mildew in the area. A return to cooler temperatures will increase spore movement, especially if the weather also turns cloudy and wet. This is the time of season for squash vine borer and early activity of squash bug. Growers of squash and pumpkins should be applying protective products for squash vine borer at this time and scouting fields for squash bug activity.

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East Michigan vegetable update

Pickling cucumber machine harvest has begun. Downy mildew has not been found yet in Michigan. The most recent reports are from New Jersey.

Melons are being harvested in Bay County, with watermelons not far off.

Pumpkins and winter squash are just starting to vine out on some farms, and sidedressings are being incorporated with a final cultivation pass.

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Southeast Michigan vegetable update

For cucumberscantaloupes and watermelons, there have been no reports of downy mildew in our region and the spore trap in Monroe County hasn’t caught any downy mildew spores.

In pumpkins and winter squash, squash bug is starting to become active. The key to squash bug control is controlling nymphs, so if this is a pest you struggle with later in the season, we are entering the period to scout and treat.

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