Melon Field Day

CucCAP melon breeders, industry representatives and other participants interested in Powdery Mildew replicated trials & natural infection and a Core set of means for trains assays, joined Dr. Jim McCreight at the University of California Desert Research and Extension Center on June 7, 2018 for a Melon Field Day.

The group looked for Powdery Mildew on 47 melon entries, including the “standards,” candidate accessions, and the 21-line triple septet set proposed by Lebeda et al.* They also observed the core collection including ca. 384 melon cultigens tentatively selected to represent the genetic variation in the larger set of 2000+ USDA, GRIN accessions and ‘heirloom’ lines. More details about the Melon Core Collection can be found in the 2017 CucCAP annual report.

*The following documents provide more information: