May 23, 2018 Michigan Vegetable Updates | MSU

West central Michigan vegetable update

For cucurbits, if you are worried about Phytophthora capsici causing damping off and stand loss, remember that the FarMore FI400 seed treatment includes the fungicide Apron, which has the same active ingredient (mefenoxam) as Ridomil. Note, some areas of Michigan with a history of mefenoxam use may have mefenoxam insensitive Phytophthora capsici.

As the season progresses, remember that good fruit coverage is essential for protecting cucurbits from Phytophthora fruit rot. Unfortunately, soil applications made at planting will not be helpful for fruit protection.

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Southwest Michigan vegetable update

Watermelon and eggplant transplanting has begun.

Southeast Michigan vegetable update

Pumpkin planting will begin soon. For fields with a history of phytophthora, Apron treated seed should give a boost to beat the disease at germination. Orondis is a good product for this disease, but early season soil applications of this product are unlikely to prevent fruit rots. Save this product for closer to fruit set.