Fei Lab contributes to CucCAP Genomics and Bioinformatics

Fei Lab Genomic and Bioinformatic accomplishments, March 2017 through November 2017:

four team members in the lab

Members of the Fei Lab: Zhangjun Fei, Ph.D, Yi Zheng, Shan Wu, and Kan Bao.


1. Wu S, Shamimuzzaman M, Sun H, Salse J, Sui X, Wilder A, Wu Z, Levi A, Xu Y, Ling KS, Fei Z (2017) The bottle gourd genome provides insights into Cucurbitaceae evolution and facilitates mapping of a Papaya ringspot virus resistance locus. Plant J 92:963-975
2. Sun H, Wu S, Zhang G, Jiao C, Guo S, Ren Y, Zhang J, Zhang H, Gong G, Jia Z, Zhang F, Tian J, Lucas WJ, Doyle JJ, Li H, Fei Z, Xu Y (2017) Karyotype stability and unbiased fractionation in the paleo-allotetraploid Cucurbita genomes. Molecular Plant 10:1293-1306


1. Cucurbit Genomics Database Workshop. The XIV Solanaceae and III Cucurbitaceae Genomics Joint Conference. Valencia, Spain. September 2017

Other accomplishments:

1. Released the newly-designed Cucurbit Genomics Database (http://cucurbitgenomics.org/) in May, 2017.
2. Finished genotyping of 1564 cucumber, 2077 melon, 1365 watermelon, 829 Cucurbita pepo, 191 Cucurbita moschata and 177 Cucurbita maxima accessions using Genotyping-by-Sequencing (GBS).