Gummy Stem Blight

Gummy stem blight on watermelon Image provided by C. McGregor

Figure 1. Gummy stem blight on watermelon. Image provided by C. McGregor

Stagonosporopsis cucurbitacearum (syn. Didymella bryoniae), Stagonosporopsis citrulli, and Stagonosporopsis caricae

Gummy stem blight affects the stems and leaves of cucurbit crops but watermelon is particularly susceptible. On occasion, it can also infect the fruits of squash, which is known as black rot of cucurbits. Infected leaves develop dark brown lesions that are typically located on the leaf margins and the petioles, lesions eventually coalesce and cause defoliation of the plant. Infected stems may split and become covered in ooze, giving the characteristic gummy appearance. Severe infections can result in plant death.

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disease symptoms on stem

Figure 2. Stem with fungal fruiting bodies known as pycnidia. Shawn Butler, NCSU Plant Disease Insect Clinic.

disease symptoms on a leave

Figure 3. Necrotic, brown spots on leaf margins. Dr. Lina Quesada, NCSU Vegetable Pathology Lab