July 31 Michigan Vegetable Updates | MSU Extension Vegetables

Southwest Michigan vegetable update

Vine crop producers need to be aware that downy mildew has been confirmed at the Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center. We found it on an unsprayed plot of pickles that we have since sprayed. Downy mildew is easiest to spot in the early morning when leaves are wet from dew.

Current weather conditions have also been conducive for powdery mildew on cucurbits, especially pumpkins. Powdery mildew spreads quickly under humid, heavy dew morning conditions. Control starts with tolerant genotypes, but they will not give 100% protection.

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Central Michigan vegetable update

Zucchini and yellow neck squash harvest is underway. Squash bug is present and infesting a few unprotected plantings.

Pickling cucumber harvest is beginning. While we have not found downy mildew in the region, it has been confirmed in southwest Michigan. Apply fungicides to prevent downy mildew infection.

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Southeast Michigan vegetable update

For cucumberscantaloupes and watermelonsdowny mildew has been confirmed on cucumbers in Berrien County in southwest Michigan. This location is conducive for spore movement across the state.

In pumpkins and winter squash, note that in fields with a history of phytophthora, sprays can help protect young fruit before their skin hardens.

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