June 19 Michigan Vegetable updates | MSU Extension Vegetables

East Michigan Vegetable Update

Melons and watermelons are nearly all transplanted. Caps and hoops are off, but plants are small and a bit yellow from the cool weather.

Zucchini and cucumbers grown under low tunnels and hoophouses are being harvested.

Peas are pickable, but I haven’t seen them at markets yet.

Pumpkins are still going in.

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Southwest Michigan Vegetable Update

Cucumbersyellow squash and zucchini harvest will start by the weekend. These will come from transplants placed under low tunnels. Growers should expect poorly pollinated fruit in the first harvests but that will improve as bees locate fields.

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Southeast Michigan vegetable update

In vine crops, cucumber beetle is out; pressure varies depending on the farm. In cucumbers, cantaloupe and watermelon, the treatment threshold is one beetle per plant. For pumpkins and squash, the threshold is five beetles per plant.

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