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Sawyer On Crops: Seed Corn Maggots In Melons – This Is A Tough One – Podcast

Seed corn maggots have hit watermelons in some south Georgia counties and have taken out up to 30% of the plant population in some fields. This is a tough one […]

Georgia: Watermelon Growers Work to Produce Sweet Crop with Good Texture

In Georgia, it’s planting season for watermelons. Usually, they aspire to produce high yields of a sweet crop, but they shouldn’t ignore firmness and texture, according to Tim Coolong, University […]

Sawyer On Crops: Preventing Fusarium Wilt In Watermelons

Watermelons can take quite a lick from fusarium wilt in Georgia and the disease has likely become more of a problem as growers tighten rotations. In this installment of his […]

Specialty Crops: Melon Production is Focus of $4.4Mln USDA Study

More than $4.4 million is being funded to discover ways to improve the U.S. melon industry through a grant to scientists with Texas A&M AgriLife Research and in seven other states. […]